Monday, November 19, 2012

Little Drummer Boy

Hello!  This has been a fun few days starting with this past Wednesday.  Every once in awhile things fall into place and we get to do something totally unexpected.  I've mentioned before that my husband plays in a Christian Group; they practice every Wednesday evening and he goes to practice, normally, every other week.  He was planning to attend practice this past Wednesday.  I talked to him at about 3:00 on Wednesday and mentioned that if I didn't have the munchkin, the boys and I would head into to town to meet him for dinner.  But, figuring that I couldn't get out of dodge until about 5:00, it just makes it to rushed to meet and still have him make it on time for practice.(not to mention the cost of gas, dinner, and a late night - it is NOT something we do often at all)  Then, at 3:30 the munchkin's mom pulled in the driveway a whole hour early.  I called my husband but, he was already eating so we just said "oh well" and left it at that.  Then he called back at 4:20 and said, "Why don't we just meet at the mall and you all can eat there, if there is time to kill, then the boys can play in the play area?".  Well, let me tell you, we JUMPED at that chance.  When I told the boys we were going, though, they were SURE we were going to Daddy's practice so they went looking for both their little guitars to take along.  Yes, we did go to practice too and we learned that we have a "Little Drummer Boy"!

Josh LOVED the drums. So much so that he played "air drums" with some extra sticks through most of the night and very intently watched the drummer play and tried to do whatever he did.  I think I see some drums in our future.  The good news is that Darryl can play drums so he can teach him the basics.  It was a really great night and, after one particular song, Josh exclaimed, "That was my favorite, do it again!"

This weekend was also filled with putting up outside Christmas "desherashions", going to a Chinese Buffet (which the boys LOVED - nothing better then picking out your own food and getting to eat ice cream!), driving around and looking at lights (Every time we came to a house Josh would say, "Ok, Dad, please stop a minute for me" hehehe)  and attending a concert to watch Darryl play.  It was a fun, family filled weekend!