Saturday, October 13, 2018

Our Week in Photos #48

Here's a look at our week - it's been a busy one!

We spent the first part of the week in Mackinaw for a fun getaway with my mom.  We all love Mackinaw and Josh really wanted to go since we haven't gone in a few years. 

One of the big things Josh wanted to do for his birthday (which is still over a week away) was to go swimming at both the indoor splash parks in Mackinaw.  So, we arrived Sunday and went to the first on Sunday evening.  What we didn't know is that both water parks were going to change their schedules to only being open on Friday and Saturday starting the following day.  Needless to say, I had one very, very sad boy on Monday when we couldn't go to either park!  Truth be told, I wasn't happy either.  
 We had a great view of the Lake out our window! 
 One of the favorite thing to do is to feed the seagulls (don't judge!)  They will take food right out of your hand so we are not the only people that feed them ;-) 

 On Monday, we started our day by doing some shopping on Main Street in the city.  We then headed to the Bridge park to skip stones and walk under the bridge.  

 We crossed the bridge and drove through St. Ignace (the boys declared it boring!) and had lunch at Big Boy.  Yes, we had some fun with the big statues outside first. 

 Thanks to my mom, we got to go to Mackinaw Island on Tuesday.  It was a completely 100% foggy ride so we didn't get to see much going to the island but it burned off once we got there for the most part.  Darryl and the boys rented bikes and rode to Arch Rock where they also climbed the 250+ steps to the top.  My mom and I enjoyed wandering down main street. 

 We enjoyed a shortened day at Friday school because . . .. ..

 I was headed to my annual Scrapbooking Conference by the Lakeshore!  Yeah!  A great break for me and I have 5 projects I'm hoping to get done (and one is almost done which is far faster than I anticipated!!) 
While I'm away, the boys are hanging out at my mom's house.  Molly loves Josh - yes, that is that big dog laying in Josh's lap HA!  

So that's our week!