Thursday, May 9, 2019

Dining Room Redo!

The dining room has been on my "make-over" list for about a year and a half.  We finally got around to it mostly because I order two shelving units that I didn't want to put together until we did the "redo"! 

I almost always forget before pictures!  We had started painting but I did remember to snap a few! 

 We painted it this plum color when we moved into the house like 17 years ago.  I love the color - always have - and really didn't want to paint over it BUT it needed to be repainted no matter what so we decided to use a leftover gallon of paint we had from the living room instead of buying more.  Plus, in a way, it was going to be nice to lighten it all up! 

We finally wrapped up the last few things last night!  I told Darryl that all I wanted from him for my birthday and Mother's Day was to have the last few things hung up :-)  Well, he accomplished that goal!
 Measuring to hang some pictures.  
 Look what the stud finder found - a stud HA!  (yes, every man must use the stud finder on themselves!) 
 No, this isn't the dining room but it was part of the redo in sense. I moved the small bookcase from the dining room to this corner in the living room.  It finally gave me a place for my books and my dad's globe.  I also hung my piano shadow box which was a gift from my parents years ago. 
Our clock is finally back up!  We purchased this as a wedding gift with gift cards received from my co-workers.  We both love clocks and this one is a favorite. 
 Moving on to the actual dining room.  Those are my new shelves (my real birthday present.)  I've been wanting to order them for two years and it just never work out.  I was thrilled to be able to get them and organize my scrapbooks with lots of room to spare!  We also added a gray rug under the table thanks to my mom moving :-) 
 My piano wall.  I love the photos of the boys - both their 1 year old collage and their yearly photos.  
 My mom gave me the lace valences awhile ago and I love how airy they are on the windows.  The art on this wall has special meanings.  The gold frame is a piece of artwork Darryl bought for me when we were dating and visited the Detroit Institute of Art on a date; then there is a poem "Touch of the Masters Hand" which was my dad's favorite; the cat plaque is something my brother Ken bought me as a Christmas gift when I was a kid - it was so neat because I saw it at a store and loved but didn't have enough money - so he secretly bought it for me; the other small plaque was a Christmas gift from one of my boys.  (And the clock - just a clock because I want a clock in every room!) 
 In case you wondered, I love photos.  This is a little history wall with photos of grandparents and parents plus both a young photo of both Darryl and my siblings. 

The last view - the round plate is one of my favorite gifts ever.  I saw it in a store in Frankenmuth but couldn't justify buying it at the time.  After we got home, he called the store and had them ship it so he could give it to me as a gift.  The two cats represent our two cats we had when we got married - Misty and Franny. 

I'm really happy with how it all turned out and am even happy with the new paint :-)