Saturday, January 23, 2016

Family Fun - Christmas Tree Cutting

Cutting down a Christmas tree was always part of our Christmas traditions but the last two years we weren't able to do it because of Darryl's back.  I purchased an artificial tree to get us by until we could do this tradition again.  Needless to say we were all very excited to head out to Uncle Charlie's Tree Farm . To make it nicer for Darryl - it wasn't very cold and there was no snow :-)

 Notice how beautiful it is outside?  The boys set off looking for the perfect Tree.
 Josh found it!  It was a great tree even if it was super prickly!

 Darryl cutting down the tree.  I have to give this guy props.  He doesn't have the strength he had several years ago so this took a lot of work.  He did not give up and chopped that baby down. 
 The boys took over hauling the tree back to the main house.  We did learn that Uncle Charlie's will only be around another year or two.  Uncle Charlie himself is 75 and is ready to be wrap up the tree farm and turn it into farm land. 

We had a lot of fun with the lights before Darryl put them on the tree for us. 

It was a great day all the way around!  The boys did a lot of the decorating of the tree too.  Christmas gets more and more fun as they get older.