Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Teaching Tuesdays - A Field Trip

A few weeks ago, we had an opportunity to go on a field trip with our homeschool group, Agape.  We got to visit a huge orchard called, Klackles, that is about 45 minutes from home.  Darryl and I had visited there about 12 years ago but have never taken the kids. 

 To start the trip out, we took a wagon ride.  We started by stopping in the apple orchard area and we all got to pick a bag of apples.  The boys loved this and picked out some fabulous apples.  I will admit, that is something I've never done and it was fun.  Plus we have enjoyed some delicious apples too!  After that, we headed to the the huge pumpkin patch where the boys each got to pick out a small pumpkin. 
 The field was HUGE!! We then headed to lunch and were free to explore the rest of the day. 
 I really can't even begin to show how huge this place was.  The boys wanted to do everything and pretty much did.  I'm not going to lie . . .I did not expect to be at the Orchard for 7 hours. . .but we were. 

 Part of our trip included a ride on a carousal.  The boys love it!

 Just a few snapshots  of the boys.  It was kind of drippy outside so I didn't take as many photos as normal to keep the camera dry :-)
The boys loved feeding the animals, jumping on a big trampoline, going through the corn maze, doing BMX bike races and more. 

The trip was a huge success. . .. and I made Darryl bring dinner home.  I was exhausted HA!