Friday, February 23, 2018

Weekly Menu - The one with a birthday celebration!

Last weeks menu went much better.  The food was good and that's all that matters!! This coming week is a little to plan because the kids are going to the grandparents house for a few days! 

Friday - I'm not sure HA!  Either lots of leftovers or we might grab something at McDonald's and go see Peter Rabbit.  That decision won't be made until today though.

Saturday - My birthday gift to Darryl is to go to a Steven Curtis Chapman concert so we are dropping the kids at his mom's so we can go away.  Dinner will be before the show!

Sunday - We are still enjoying Darryl's birthday so we will eat while we are out and about.

Monday - Now, you know my rule - no cooking while the kids are away :-)  I'm not sure what we will do yet.  Applebee's, Big Boy, Wendy's?  Whatever we feel like

Tuesday - Pretty much the same thing :-)

Wednesday - The kids come home today so I usually plan just Mac and Cheese and Corn Dogs.  Something quick and easy between when they get home and when we need to leave for AWANA.

Thursday - We are going on a field trip so I decided I wanted something I could make ahead and just heat up.  So Tacos it is !  I can do all of the prep work Wednesday and then just heat it up when we get home before we go to Bowling!