Saturday, June 13, 2015

Family Fun - Tee Ball

This spring, we signed the boys up for Tee Ball and it has been a huge success.  Josh, especially, loves it.  Nate is learning to love it but he still says he loves soccer more.  Josh enjoys watching the Detroit Tigers play and has informed us that some day, he will play for the Tigers and we will be watching him on TV.  Guess what, I'm ok with that dream :-)

 Their first practice was great.  Not only did the boys learn things, Darryl and I learned how to help them at home and a little more of how Tee Ball works. 
 Josh and Nate at their first game.  We were all very excited!
 When it was time to go on the field, Josh volunteered to be the catcher - which was funny since they had never talked about that position during practice. 
 He's so cute :-)  The job of the catcher in Tee ball is just to get the ball with the player on first throws it home and place it on the Tee. 
 Nate playing in the field. 

 Josh's first time up to bat.  He did great - hit the ball and remembered to run!

 Nate hit the ball too and yes, remembered to run!
The sun was very bright :-)

The boys have three fabulous coaches.  I have been so impressed by what they have been able to learn and how the coaches encourage them and correct them in order for them to learn to be better players.  I'm actually sad that they only have one more game and we have to wait a whole year before they play again.  Next year, Josh will move up to "Machine Pitch" where he will have to learn to hit a ball thrown by a machine.  Nate has one more year of Tee Ball  For now, they are looking forward to Soccer in the fall and Swimming lessons as soon as I can fit them in.  The boys have also asked to go back to gymnastics so the plan is to do that once soccer is done.  I try to find activities to do as our "PE class" for homeschool and these extracurricular activities fit the bill perfectly!