Friday, November 28, 2014

Weekly Menu

The menu that I posted last week - well, that was thrown out the window.  I kinda forgot to up date it after I changed it last Thursday.  I wanted to use up some things we had here in the house so I changed out the meals than, added to that I ended up with both ham and turkey leftover from the Thanksgiving dinner at church plus a ton of baked potatoes.  I'm going to use those leftovers for meals during the coming weeks! Here's our plan!

Saturday - My husband is bringing home dinner tonight - most likely Popeye Chicken.  There is only one location in town and it is, well, in the ghetto but the food is great so we like to get it sometimes when the kids are gone (Popeye's is Cajun so it is a little spicier than our kids will eat!)

Sunday - With the kids not here, I know I won't want to cook so we'll probably grab something - even just Taco Bell to enjoy while watching football without interruption!

Monday - Our last evening without kids so no cooking!  I'll see what Darryl wants to bring home - most likely either Jet's Pizza or Mexican from the Adobe. 

Tuesday - The kids come home today!  We'll be ships passing though because I have to leave for a Missions committee meeting as soon as Darryl gets home so on these nights I usually do Hot Dogs. 

Wednesday - Tonight is Awana night!  I'm going to use that leftover Turkey to make Turkey and Dumplings.  I'll make Mac and Cheese for the boys :-)

Thursday - Chicken Noodle Soup and Yeast Rolls!!!  I love this meal!

Friday - What else but . . .Tacos!  :-)