Thursday, February 23, 2012

Happy Birthday to my Main Squeeze!

Wednesday was my husband's birthday!  We started celebrating his birthday on Saturday - we live 45 minutes from town so trying to do anything on the actual day is hard.  I had three ideas in my head to do with the family for Darryl's birthday but he ended up having to work on Saturday because he had an unplanned day off on Thursday due to finding water in our basement at 3:00 AM !  (no worries - it was our washer, and we got it all taken care of.)  Anyway. because of that, only one of the three options still worked.  The boys and I headed to town after lunch and ran a few errands (and we had a blast!) before meeting Darryl for dinner at our favorite Mexican place.  Then, are you ready?  We went to see Roller Derby!!!!!  Yep :-)  We went to see the Grand Raggidy's play and it was so much fun!
 I chose this activity for two reasons - 1) it is something Darryl and I haven't to do for awhile and 2)I knew it would be loud and "busy" so the boys would stay involved with it.  The boys LOVED it - Josh had a flag that was given to him when we got there and he waved that thing right into every one's face all over the place.  Plus every time people in the stands cheered, the boys would yell and clap and cheer too!  Darryl and I were just figuring out the rules and the first game ended.  By that point, the boys were pretty exhausted so we left and headed home.  Honestly, the boys were out cold before we pulled out of the parking lot!! 
The birthday boy - he had been up since 3:00 AM and I took this photo at about 7:00 . . . I think he was as tired as the boys. HA!

On his actually birthday, the 22nd, I started his day by leaving a surprise in his car.  I had a card along with a bag of his favorite treats (Fig Newtons, Truffles, and Peanut Butter Eggs) sitting in the front seat of his car. He loved it.  Every time he called home throughout the day, I would sing Happy Birthday too!  The boys got into the fun when I hung the birthday banner.  Josh kept saying "Happy Birthday Cake - Daddy, Mommy, Josh, Nate and China (the dog)" all day long.
This is not a great photo but the banner is hanging in the doorway and the gifts are on the table. 

Darryl got to pick his meal for tonight and this is what he picked:
Yep, Pizza.  We had Jet's Pizza, Breadsticks and Salad.  I was so glad he picked it because that meant I did not have to cook :-) 

After dinner, we opened gifts!!

Notice that two little boys are just as excited as the gift getter?  The boys had helped me pick out the gifts on Saturday so they knew what everything was plus they had decorated a card for their dad too and were SOOOOO excited about everything!!  We got him a CD he wanted, some special drill bits (They are Hex bits that are used to put a lot of things together like shelves and furniture) and well, some underwear HA!

Finally, we had the best part of the day - the cake!
 Darryl's favorite cake is Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting.  (And yes, that is a huge jar candle on top of his cake because I had no birthday candles!!) I made the cake (yes from scratch) today. 
Josh and Nate LOVED the cake - Josh even said "I eat the carrots, mom" So, I figure if they get their veggies in a cake, so be it. 

It was really a fun day and the best part was seeing the boys get so excited and yell "Happy Birthday" when Darryl walked in the door. 

We still have one more piece to this birthday - my parents are supposed to come on Friday (depending on the weather!!!) and watch the kids for the day.  Darryl and I are going to go out to dinner for his birthday - I think I know where we are going but sometimes he changes his mind at the last minute so we'll see :-)

Happy birthday to the best husband EVER!!!