Monday, March 21, 2011

40 x 40 Update

I haven't posted an update on my 40 x 40 list so I guess it is about time:

1. (1)Complete a Rag Quilt that I bought a pattern for a few years ago - This is in process.  I'm participating in a Quilt swap to make an I Spy quilt for my boys and am going to do it in the "Rag" style. 

2. (4) Current on Scrapbooking - this is still in process.  This year, my Creative Memories Consultant is hosting 4 different Tuesday Crops from 10-10 and I plan on participating in all 4 of them for as many of those 12 hours as I can for the sole purpose of getting caught up!! 

3. (5) Finish my first quilt - I am about ( ) that far from finishing it - I just have one little section to sew.  I have to use my machine when Nate is sleeping because he likes to push the foot pedal and I don't want to sew a finger LOL

4. (6) Eat at the 1913 room - I knew there would be some tasks on my list that would be impossible to do and this is becoming one of them.  For one, the 1913 room has been purchased by a chain and two, I went online to read the menu thinking I would take Darryl there for his birthday and I must say, the food choices sounded icky!!  So this one is "done" by default  - check this one off LOL

5. (9) Read through the Bible in the year - I'm still working on this.  I got a little behind between Thanksgiving and Christmas but I'm working diligently to catch back up so I can finish on time.

6. (15) My kitchen - I took the first cabinet off this week and picked up the primer I needed so this is getting off to a start (slow start but a start!)

7. (21) Photography class - I am taking a class on March 11th!

8. (29) Cook clean for one week - Ok, this isn't happening LOL  I Checked out some books from the library and even tested a few recipes and this style is just not us.  Instead I've tried to make subtle changes like buying unbleached flour, trying to cook more fresh veggies and my next "project" is to make more salads - not just cut up lettuce but actual "salads".  So this one is check off as a default.

9. (31) Sole Sensations - Ok, I researched this and only found locations in Japan . . so this isn't happening unless someone knows some place in Michigan that does it. 

10. (32) Join a book club - Done.  I found an online book club and am reading One Thousand Gifts.  I was so excited to find this club!!

11. (33) Invite Lisa LaPlante over for dinner - I did this and I'm sure she thinks I'm a stalker since she never replied.  Since, I'm not a stalker, I did not keep bothering her.  Oh well, I tried.

12. (2) Belly Dance - no I haven't started this but I noticed a comment on my original post that said there are belly dance videos - I think I will check that out.  It would be fun exercise and I'm sure all three of my boys (yes, Darryl included) would get a good laugh too LOL

That's it - there are others that are completed - check out the left side bar to see those as well as some of these updates that are done/in progress.  I'm trying to focus more on these in order to accomplish some that are time sensitive.  I'm also making a list of other goals that come to mind to do after I accomplish this list!