Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A Summer Beverage

Recently I mentioned to my husband that, in this household, no one will ever, ever, EVER go thirsty.  It is possible we could run out of food but we will never lack for a beverage HA!  I think I spend 1/3 of my make believe grocery budget on things we drink.  Whether it be milk or water or Kool-aid "supplies" . . .we enjoy not being thirsty! 

With that said, I thought I would share a refreshing "mixed" drink that quenches my thirst after working up a sweat working outside.  If you have followed this blog for long, every summer I talk about refreshing drinks but so often they require more ingredients than I keep on hand and I like simple!

Just two simple ingredients!  Pick out the class of your choice and add some Ice (because everything is better when it is ICE cold!)  Fill your cup about 1/2 full with lemonade and then add Sprite Zero!  That's it!  To keep this drink as light as possible, I've found that the Minute Maid Light 15 is good plus it isn't quite as sour as with true lemonade which I have also used.    Another twist on this is to get Simply Limeade and mix it with Faygo Cream Soda - yummy!