Thursday, August 13, 2015

August Goals

Yes, August is half over but I still like to post goals even if it is just for my own benefit. 

This months goals are still a short list:

1) Do the finishing touches on the basement.  I have some shelves that I need to clean off, some odds and ins to clean out and put out to the trash and clean out the work bench area. 

2) Clean the garage.  As  I finish up the basement clean out and sorting the last of the bins in the garage from the basement I will then move to going through the stuff in the garage shelf by shelf and cleaning it all up and organizing it. 

3) Organize the kids school desks and get all of their stuff set up. 

4.) Continue deep cleaning the upstairs.  I have a few things left to do in the kitchen and bathroom before moving on to the living room and dining room.  I'm hoping to have everything done by month end so I can get back to following the Flylady weekly cleaning plan. 

That's it :-)  I know it doesn't seem like a lot but it is.  Both the basement and garage projects take up to an hour to an hour and a half total each day plus the deep cleaning takes up another hour.  Throw in snack time, helping kids do . . well . .everything, and other misc things like menu planning, bill paying, and . .well . . reading :-)  My days get full fast.