Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Too Cute Not to Toot!!

YEAH!  Christmas crafts galore :-)  This first one that I am posting is one I actually want to make.  It is cheap and easy to do and I have a few dark corners in my home that need something pretty. 

Check out this great idea for Christmas decor at Arts and Crap
She gives a great (and humorous) tutorial for the silver ornaments.  They are so unique!
Here is a simple craft to do using terra cotta pots!!!  I can see this going in my bathroom.  (It just matches so well!)  I'm also thinking that this would make a GREAT addition to my porch - The pots are made to go outside so they should hold up well.  I might have to price these at Walmart and see what I can get. . ..
See it all here!!
Over at Lemon Tree Creations is a cute idea for making Twine Trees without using up those expensive Styrofoam comes (you just keep reusing the same one for your molds and than go from there!).
See the full tutorial here!
Oopsey-daisy offers up a recipe and patterns to make gingerbread houses.  I love the idea that they save all their stale candy throughout the year to use on the houses instead of buying new since you really don't end up eating it once it is "glued" to the house!  (But . . . . who actually has stale candy? LOL)
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Over at House of Hepworths, I saw these really cute Nutcrackers.  Now really, Nutcrackers are not anything I decorate with but they are so creative.  Even if you aren't into decorating with them - click on the link above to see the "before" photos - this is the after.  I'm just amazed at what she did with something from the Dollar Store!

There are a ton of Advent Calendar Ideas in blog land and I've posted quite a few of them in various "too Cute Not to Toot!" posts.  This one is a little different - it is the 12 days of Christmas with 12 different things to do.  This strikes me as something to do for couples without kids to eat all the candy in the advent calendars OR to a family with Teenagers - what a great way to get them involved in some things as a family!
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My Favorite Things - Week 3

High Heeled Housewife
It's time for week 3 of the My Favorite Things Challenge!  Here's this week's challenge: This week, instead of dreading doing your household chores, focus on your favorite household chore. 

I have thought about this one for a little while and it is sooo much easier to think of the chore that is my least favorite but that isn't the point is it?  LOL  When I first read the list of items for this challenge, one thing had popped into my mind instantly and it is what I keep coming back to so that must be my favorite household chore.  What is it?  Without out a doubt, it is organizing.  I wasn't sure if this was really a "chore" but for me, it really is.  I spend hours organizing things to make sure that everything has a home!  This year, this was my huge home goal - to organize my entire house but cleaning out every single room, only keeping what I love, and giving everything that I didn't love away.  It gives me a true sense of satisfaction to see a finished room.  My bins are all labeled and numbered and the list of all the items in each bin is in my Control Journal so I can always look before I go buy something new!!