Thursday, January 26, 2012

What I'm Reading

Hello!  Last week I was reading the book The Fence My Father Built on my Kindle.
I did finish it and just wanted to say that it did not have the twist I thought might happen.  It really was a good book - I did feel like, after a pretty long story, the last 1/4 of the book moved really quickly to wrap everything up and I actually got a little lost and had to "flip" back through a few pages sometimes to re-read it to see what I missed.  I have decided yet whether this is a read again book so for now, it is in the archives of my Kindle.  :-)

Currently I really have no rhyme or reason to what I pick on my Kindle to read next.  I have the books sorted by the date I received them but they are sorted by the newest added so I just pick the one on the top (I should probably reverse that and read the oldest stuff first???) So, the book I'm reading currently is called Always the Wedding Planner, Never the Bride.
This book currently sells on Amazon for $9.99 for the Kindle ($11.99 for the actual book).  I am glad that I picked this one up for free - I wouldn't have actually bought it.  The story is cute - about a wedding planner who meets the love of her life and gets engaged within a few weeks; and then they move to take new jobs and run into all kinds of snags.  One thing I don't like is that in between each chapter are "tips or recipes" like the Top 10 wedding Flowers, or Themed Wedding ideas.  I just skip over all of those sections to get to reading part.  This one is a pretty quick read - I'm enjoying it, but not enough to have paid full price for it :-)

I'm still working on learning my Kindle better.  I've found the "manage your Kindle" button on Amazon and I'm thinking that maybe I need to save some of the books somewhere other than my Kindle because now, with so many books loaded on it, it seems to move slower than it used to (Kind of like an overloaded computer) which is why I also think I probably will delete books that are not my true favorites after I read them (Like the one I'm reading now!) I wonder how much space the books would take up on my hard drive/external hard drive?  I'll have to research that process.  I also need to clean my screen on my Kindle HA! 

What are you reading?  Anything really good?  I'm willing to pay for a GOOD book - especially if it is something I want to save and re-read later :-)