Saturday, January 5, 2019

Our Week in Photos 2019 #1

I decided to start "Our Week in Photos" over a #1 for a new year.  I got a little behind last year but hope to keep up better this year!

These photos aren't technically from this past week - they are from the week before but, honestly, I didn't take a single photo this week.  New Years Eve and New Years day slipped by quietly and that's ok.  It's in the 40's here with lots of sunshine, which is beautiful but it also means I'm lacking any great snow photos too!  Next week we get back to our normal routine so hopefully I can remember to grab a picture or two of our week!

 The traditional opening of the Christmas Eve gifts. 
 This cat has to be in the middle of everything - he is such a people loving animal :-) 
 The traditional Christmas PJ's - this year, unbeknownst to me they came with nightcaps and the boys love them.  They wear them to bed most nights and I find it to be the most adorable thing ever. 
 A long standing tradition in our family - the kneeling, facing the tree photo.  My mom took this photo of my brothers and I ever single year until my brothers ruined it got to old to do it anymore. HA! 
 And yes, the both still believe in Santa.  Ironically all year long Nate will tell me Santa isn't real but let me tell you, on Christmas Eve Nate is the first one to write his note to Santa and he is the one to make sure that plate of cookies gets put out!! 
 Time for stockings! 
 We rubbed cat nip on Harley's stocking . . .Harley attacked Josh when he tried to take the stocking HA!  It was awesome! 
 I may have taken more photos of the cat this Christmas . . .again, he had to be part of everything. 

 Christmas was a day of fun and lots of gifts.  It was a relaxing day with my mom with us too.  

We had one last family celebration with Darryl's family last Saturday.  These are the only two photos I took.  

I think I need to practice my photo skills again this year.  Maybe do some online classes or watch some Youtube videos to take some better pictures!!