Monday, February 1, 2016

February Goals

Can you believe that January has FLOWN by! I saw a post on Facebook that said something about letting February count as the first of the year HA!  I kinda like that though - we all start January 1st with high hopes yet our fridges are still full of leftovers, the Christmas gifts are put away, and, in some cases, there are still Christmas parties happening.  Really, February should be the start of the goal year. I did accomplish some things on my list but had hoped to get more done.  That's ok, February is here and I'm hoping to accomplish more this coming month. This is what is on my radar for the next month:

February 2016 Goals
1.     Keep current with the Women in the Bible Bible Reading (I'm actually a little behind and need to play catch up)
2.    Find a Scripture memory program that will work for me – 1 verse a week
3.    Memorize with the family the church verse of the month and review January’s verse
4.    Read “life and soul” books
a.    The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up
b.    The Power of a Positive Mom
c.    That’s My Son
d.    Taming the To Do List
5.    Stay Current in the Book Study – “Lies Women Believe”
6.    Create a Prayer Journal – See ideas in Pinterest Folder for Inspiration
1.     Walk/Ride Bike for 30 minutes, 5 days a week - hopefully the weather will cooperate more this month
a.    Incorporate the Couch to 5K program already printed
2.    Do the arm workout (printed from Pinterest already) based on what it says to do
3.    Begin working on Clean Eating.  Focus on getting rid of processed foods and focus on healthier eating all day (Please note, we will never be "clean eaters" but we would like to eat a little healthier!)
a.    First goal is my breakfasts – I want a basic rotation of 4-5 meals to cook throughout the month
b.    Second Goal – Snacks.  Have a list/on hand items for three basic snacks each day – morning, afternoon, and evening
c.    Third Goal – lunch. 
d.    Fourth Goal – Dinners – each week add another meal (Week 1 – plan 2 meals that are considered clean, Week 2, Plan 3 meals etc)
4.    Get Nate to eat one new food this month
1.     Finish Scrapbooking all of 2014 and put in an album
2.    Scrapbook January and February 2015
3.    Scrapbook January 2016
4.    Order next set of pages from Scrapping Simply
5.    Order one months worth of photos
6.    Go Through 4 years of photo albums and make sure they are complete – add any photos, journaling, page protectors that need to be added by month end
1.     Continue with the Monthly Savings for adults and kids
2.    Put $20.00 in envelopes for clothing items for each of us ($80.00 total)
3.    Track Darryl’s income Daily
4.    Put together January’s spreadsheet (Income/Expense record) and file accordingly
House Goals
1.     Follow the Declutter 365 February calendar and also do the January calendar
2.    Basement
a.    This month I want it done. 
b.    Clean the laundry room completely including cleaning out anything that doesn’t bring me joy (Like the broken washer haha)
c.    Clean out the play room side completely including purchasing the last of the flooring pieces, organizing the books and other items on the shelves and toys
d.    Finish the main area
                                          i.    Get 1-2 more shelving units  and organize the bins
                                        ii.    Get see through containers ($6.00 each at Meijer) that fit on the shelves and move stuff into those for easy access
                                       iii.    Move all of the unneeded, unloved, not used stuff to one area in the Basement out of the way so we can have a garage sale in the spring
                                       iv.    As always, go around the room and get rid of anything we haven’t used since moving in
                                         v.    Totally sanitize the floors and buy a long rug (or watch for one and get it eventually to run from door to shelving
                                       vi.    Purchase a bigger dehumidifier -- or at least begin saving for it
3.    Kitchen
a.    Again, this month this needs to be done with deep cleaning
b.    Finish going through every cupboard and drawer and clean out the stuff, wipe them down, ect.
c.    Clean, really clean, all appliances
d.    Make a list of things I want done this year (Specifically a backsplash and the floor)
e.    Do all of the extra deep clean stuff like wiping down baseboards, windows, lights, etc.
4.    Master Bedroom – it stinks
a.    Go through every clothing item and clean out what doesn’t bring us joy
b.    Clean out everything in the closet and make it more user friendly
c.    Set up Darryl’s side differently like without the stand . . .maybe a small chair??
d.    Clean the carpet so it doesn’t stink anymore
e.    Do all of the normal deep cleaning stuff like wiping down walls, baseboards, cleaning the fan, etc.  I want it to smell pretty and not be cluttered once done
5.    Dining Room
a.    Do all touch up painting (need to buy a small thing of paint)
b.    Clean up the homeschool stuff on the walls – what do we need and not need?
c.    Rehang the photos so they are neat looking and even
d.    Do normal deep cleaning
e.    Get some new curtains or valances for the window
6.    Make a brainstorming list for the summer AND a time frame to get stuff done
7.    Get IKEA shelving to use in the Living room ( behind door), playroom (Closet) and maybe the boys room (better lego storage/access.)
a.    Measure all areas,
b.    Search the IKEA website for planning purposes
c.    Go to IKEA
d.    Set up all shelving
8.    Clean out the upstairs filing cabinet.
All about Me!
1.     Purchase new clothing Item – Looking specifically for shorts for the summer
2.    Buy Something each month project – Chapstick and Pens
3.    Paint my fingernails weekly
4.    Paint my toenails once this month
5.    Send cards and small gift once each baby is born
6.    Send Alicia and Marisa birthday cards
7.    Pinterest
a.    Print 10 items/do items/file items from February
8.    Find a cooking class for me (free) and see if I can attend
9.    Learn how to do makeup better by watching You Tube Videos – I want to do Foundation/cover up/eye  pick ups
10.  Make Sunday’s better
a.    Make sure the kitchen is cleaned up on Saturday evening so that it is clean and ready for Sunday
b.    Pick out clothes – specifically the boys and I.  Make sure we have everything we need
c.    Pack the church bag – bibles, pens, notebooks, offering etc
d.    Do any prep for food – i.e. put roast in the pan and have it ready for the oven, have noodles out on the counter, ect.  Also, if possible set the table or at least have the dishes on the table ready to finish when we get home
The Family
1.     Plan Summer Activities
a.    Make al list for each week of a park to go to, an away from home activity, a food to make and a craft PLUS writing, reading and math
2.    Plan Darryl’s birthday celebration
3.    Purchase Kid Items – need to get new rainboots (Website from Karla)
4.    Put the fish tank together before V-Day and get fish for V-day
5.    Sign up for Swimming Lessons
6.    Sign up for T-ball/Base ball
7.    Create a chore/routine chart for the boys and incorporate it
8.    Plan our Metro Beach Trip
9.    Decorate for V-day (First week)
10.  Plan V-day activities
11.  Take the boys to Home Depot on the first Saturday of the month
12.  Hang up the Lighthouse map in the boys room
13.  Work on vacation
a.    Plan and complete everything needed (maps, travel books, ect) for days 1-3
1.     Make a folder/printout lists of books for both the boys and me to read
2.    Build an older library for the boys – begin purchasing 4-5 books a month
3.    Practice piano songs for February and March
4.    Practice song for March
5.    Sight words – review and master with each of the boys.  Need to work on target area for the boy
6.    Find basic Primer Piano book and start teaching Josh specifically
Joyful Thanksgiving
1.     Read “Longing for Paris”
2.    Find resources on how to discipline, teach and train using veres and biblical examples
3.    Pick out this months Joyful Thanksgiving verse and learn it as a family
Other Items
1.     File Taxes
2.    Clean out truck
3.    Change Flag