Thursday, June 9, 2016

Lessons in Grief

I want to write about loss.  About grief. About walking a road that is tough to walk.  Why?  Because it's something unlike anything else you can experience and not many people talk about it. I've been thinking over the past week about what to share first and the reality of it is . . .I'm not ready.  I have several ideas and topics I want to touch on but . . .the words just won't form yet on the page.  So instead, I'll share three thoughts in the way of quotes.
I am a strong person and I've always known that but from the moment I got the call that my dad had had a stroke, I knew I had to be even stronger.  I had no other choice at that moment.  
Two different friends have shared this thought, in different words, with me over the past few weeks.  The simple truth is that the stronger the love, the harder the grief.  One of those friends reminded me to be thankful for the intense grief because it reflects intense love.  I don't think I'm quite to the "thankful" point yet. 

Finally, even in the darkest moments, I try to focus on God's truths.  This is a great reminder of what God can do even through difficult moments.  Again, I have a long ways to go; this is all still very fresh but I trust God to fulfill his promises through the days, weeks and yes, years to come.