Friday, May 3, 2019

Weekly Menu!

I'm still a little caught off guard by the fact that it is May.  Remember back in January?  You know, the month that lasted a year?  Well, once January was done, February-April flew by.  I have no doubt that May is not slowing down either!!

Here's the plan for the coming week:

Friday - We have a busy day with state testing and meeting up with my oldest brother for a few minutes while he passes through town.  So, I'm keeping it simple - Pot Pies and Yeast Rolls

Saturday - Taco Baked Potatoes.  I have left over Taco Meat (and Chicken actually) so I'm going to throw baked potatoes into the crock for the day.  Then we can have a little baked potato bar with Taco Meat, Shredded Chicken, Butter, Sour Cream, Cheese and whatever is in the house.

Sunday - We will be gone all day.  Darryl is working; I have a Choir Concert and the boys and I have to leave at 1:00 pm since we have to be early.  The concert isn't until 4:00 so we will be hungry afterwards.  I'm kinda leaning towards using some Olive Garden gifts cards for dinner but it will depend on the time.

Monday - Monday nights are TKD nights so we are running in a couple of directions usually.  I try to keep dinner something that the boys and I can eat early and Darryl can eat when he gets home. French Toast Sticks and Sausage sounds good!

Tuesday - Darryl has requested Beef Tips and Noodles so that is what we are eating!

Wednesday - we don't have AWANA anymore but Darryl often still has practice.  We might do Taco Bell or I will cook something easy like Pizza at home.

Thursday - Ham and Scalloped Potatoes.  I have yet to make this - it's something I really love - great comfort food - but it seems like I always feel like it takes forever to make . . .when really, it doesn't!  I can throw it in the oven as we walk all the door for piano and it will be done when we get home!

And, here's a recap from last week:
Friday - There is a fair at church tonight which includes free food (good food too!) so we will eat something light at home (sandwiches) but get things like Soft Pretzals, Sloppy Joes and Ice Cream at church!  This went just as planned.  I look forward to this night all year - I always get a sloppy joe and a soft pretzel with cheese YUM! 

Saturday - It's my Birthday!  We are driving over to my mom's for the weekend.  After dropping the boys off, Darryl and I are taking off for the day. Darryl and I enjoyed lunch out at Red Lobster and dinner at Mega Coney Island - two favorites! 

Sunday - We will be with my mom and we are going out for lunch before we head for home.  My mom treated us to Culvers. 

Monday - Practice; TKD; it all keeps us hoping.  Sloppy Joes and Mac and Cheese makes everyone happy.I switched to Tacos.  Just as easy but everyone loves Tacos!  

Tuesday - Chicken Almondine and Green Beans.  I had this on the menu a few weeks ago but didn't make it.  Since I have all of the supplies, we will eat it tonight! I ended up heating up the leftover Broccoli Ham Cheese soup from last week and made Crescents.  It was a great dinner. 

Wednesday - We have nothing tonight.  No AWANA, no band practice . .just family!  I haven't made stromboli in awhile so I think that's what we will do! The boys and I just had freezer food - Corn Dogs, a frozen dinner and Mac and Cheese (Ok, not from the freezer) Darryl had dinner with his dad as he often does on Wednesdays. 

Thursday - Tacos.  With Piano right in the middle of the dinner hour, something that I can have done before we leave is good.  Darryl can eat when he gets home; we can eat when we get home! I had thawed chicken in the fridge so I made oven BBQ Chicken, Amish Noodles, and Green Beans.  Not an ideal meal on Piano night since it meant a later dinner after piano but what can one do?  (I do cheat and bring the noodle water to boiling before we leave - the water then boils quickly after we get back home to cut down on the noodle time.  I also make sure the oven is preheating as we walk out the door so I can get the chicken in as soon as we get home!