Monday, January 9, 2012

My Monday Post

So, one thing I haven't done yet this month is sit down and write out my blogging calendar.  I generally try to this about a week or so before the next month so I have time to focus on what I want to bring to this blog.  Because I haven't done this, I realized I didn't really have a topic to write about today so instead I'm going to a little recap of what you can expect daily and then share a link back to a Challenge I shared last week as well.

Here is what you can normally expect.  I reserve the right to write about anything on any given day but, I'm pretty schedule driven so I stick to this normally.

Sunday:  This is my free day - sometimes I don't post but when I do it can be anything - "Happenings in this House"; Something related to devotions or even something learned in church. 

Monday:  This is the day that I try to be "deep" and share something that I think may help you or sometimes it is just something I'm learning. 

Tuesday:  Too Cute Not To Toot and Pinterest Challenges

Wednesday: I will be getting back to my "What I'm Loving" Posts; As I start working through some of my Celebrate plans, you'll see those posts show up on Wednesday as well

Thursday:  What I'm reading

Friday: Food Friday!

Saturday: My Menu :-)  ; When I have educational posts to share - either related to my own kids or when I find a surplus of ideas out there to share, those posts will show up on this day. 

There are a few things I'd like to add as I go along such as a Scrapbooking Idea day.  I'd love to share my pages I complete and ideas for you to do if you scrapbook but I'm still working on getting current and need to keep that the focus for now.  I'd also like to be able to share more cleaning tips, ideas, and schedules that may or may not help you. 

You may recall that I shared a link to this challenge last week.  Well, if you are interested, check out Women Living Well  for the second weekly challenge.  I will confess, I still haven't taken time to really focus on last weeks challenge - I still need to watch the video!!  I need to take time to do that this week :-)