Saturday, July 1, 2017

Our Week in Photos #2

This week was filled with swimming, wagon rides, visits to the park, a movie, Library activities and more!

Saturday was filled with fun at Nana's.  After Nate and I finished grocery shopping, we headed to the pool.  The water was perfect even if the breeze was cool!  After a cookout at our house, the boys headed back with Nana for one of the weekend wagon rides! 

 In swimming class they learned boat safety and had to practice getting into the canoe and jumping in with life jackets on.
On Tuesday, we went and saw Cars 3 because our local Walmart is sponsoring a few free movies this summer!  What a great treat!

 The Library Activity was reptiles from the Alligator Sanctuary.  The guy was awesome - so funny!  Josh wanted his photo with the Alligator - the kid holding was scared stiff HA!

The last day of swimming lessons!!  At the end of class they did a relay race - it was really cool and now I wish my boys loved swimming more because of all the sports I'd love to attend and cheer for . . . . .. I'd love to be at the pool all the time!  

The boys spent Friday afternoon decorating their bikes for a parade at the campground.  They had so much fun!  

We had another great week!