Friday, August 18, 2017

Weekly Menu

We are finally back to some regular meal planning.  Well, kinda :-)

Friday - Tacos.  Simple.  That's all. 

Saturday - The boys are going with my mom to her house to attend VBS at her church (Yep, more VBS - it's such a great thing for kids!).  My plan right now is to meet Darryl in town for dinner! 

Sunday - Darryl has a concert and then our plan is to do some things for our anniversary.  I think we are going to head to South Haven, one of our favorite spots for the days.   

Monday - I have no idea HA!  Darryl has to have some dental work done so depending on how he feels afterwords, maybe we'll take off for the rest of the afternoon. 

Tuesday - Darryl's back to work but I'm not :-)  Yes, I took an extra day off without kids.  I don't have a lot of plans other than I don't plan on cooking! 

Wednesday - Everyone is back home!  I'm not sure on Dinner.  Darryl will have practice so usually my mom and the kids and I eat together somewhere. 

Thursday - I'm really hoping to do either chicken or pork chops on the grill with some good sides but my husband is still struggling with some dental issues so I'm not sure yet if he will be ready to eat grilled meat yet so . . we will see!!

Reading through this next weeks menu . . .there are a lot of unknowns HA!  No matter what I can guarantee we will eat!