Monday, March 5, 2012

What's in a comment?

Do you comment on blog posts you read?  No, I'm not fishing for comments!!  I know I am very guilty of reading a post and not leaving a comment for no other reason then it takes time!  I thought I would throw out a few of my personal tips :-) 

1.  Leave lots of positive comments!  If you read a post and liked it, take 2 minutes to leave a comment even if it just says "Thanks for posting" or "I enjoyed what you wrote".  Bloggers love comments - it helps us know that someone actually read what we wrote!   I've been working hard the last few weeks to try and leave a comment when I read posts - I am working at about 40% right now and need to improve that percentage rate!

2.  Don't leave negative comments :-)  If you HATE what you read, don't tell the person.   Trust me, I've read some doosies and really wanted to let someone have it but these blogs are pretty personal because the writer really puts their heart into it and when someone attacks, it's not nice.  It doesn't mean you can disagree but make sure you are super careful how you say it.  I try to ask questions or, in the case of a recipe, will ask a question about the process or maybe say that there is a flavor I didn't like in it so I will leave it out next time. 

3.  Be careful of starting an argument.  Recently, I read a blog post and was extremely surprised that the writer was supporting something that I heard about a few days prior and found kind of offensive.  I left a comment with my opinion - it was really just my opinion.  I didn't attack, I just said "I disagree, I think . .. "  Well, she was gracious but other commenter's were not.  It was said that I didn't have a heart, that I was judgmental and unkind.  Those comments even made it to her facebook page.  Geesh!  Others agreed with me but I became the "mean one".  Just like with facebook, be very careful when and how you say things.  Either with your own posts or when commenting about other . .. comments :-)

4.  Feel free to ask questions.  You can always ask a blogger a question in the comments section.  I usually respond 1 or 2 ways (or both).  Your comment shows up in my e-mail box.  If you have your e-mail set up to receive responses, I will reply via e-mail directly to you.  If you don't, I will reply in the comments section.  (I also try to answer all questions in the comments for others to see the answer to as well).  So, don't get angry if you don't get a response - just go back to the comments section.  A lot of bloggers do not respond to comments via e-mail but only within the comment area so it is up to you to go back for the answer :-)

5. Re-read your comments.  I need a #5 so I'm just throwing this in there - make sure your comment reads well.  I'm so guilty of typing fast and then my comment makes no sense . .. .I also tend to not proof read until after I post it (oops!)  Sometimes it just doesn't make sense!!

I would like to challenge any of you reading this, to take time and comment on 5 blogs this week (and it doesn't have to be mine!)  That is just one a day!  Some blogs have the "spam" alert words you have to type in - take the time to do it.  I personally don't have mine set up that way right now but I am getting hit with TONS (like over a 100 a week) of spam posts.  Blogger does a great job at catching those spam posts but eventually I may "make" you type those words again ;-)