Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Summer Goal Wrap-up

Here's the final update for the summer.
June = Green
July = Purple
August = Orange

So, I udpated in June (the dark green) and now I'll show what I accomplished since that update.  (Dark Purple) 

A friend of mine also started a "Summer Seventeen" facebook event that I joined - some of those goals are the same and some are different - I'll share that at the end of the event mid-August.  

Here's a quick look at what was accomplished in June! I feel like it looks like I didn't do much but yet I feel like I did - we've been busy with a variety of things . . .just not all of these things!
1. Scrapbooking
    --- Figure out how many page protectors I need to completely finish albums. I did this and have it noted so I can order when I can. 

    --- Spend about 4 hours a month specifically scrapbooking.  I want to carve out schedule time to scrapbook.  I'm hoping for at least one 4 hour block each month. The month isn't done but . . I have a busy few days so this won't happen this month.  I never scrapbooked but I do actually have my stuffed organized and set up on my now clean desk so I can get back into preserving our memories! 
2. Desks - Work with the boys to completely clean out their school desks so they are ready for the fall; also do a complete clean out of my desk so it's nice an organized once again. Done!!
3. Clean the garage and organize it completely. Not done but I'm hoping the weather is comfortable enough this coming weekend that maybe we can work on it and get some things organized. 
4. Clean out the playroom and organize everything Done!! (Finally!) 
5. Clean out the boys rooms and help them organize all of their stuff. Done!! (Finally!) 
6. Continue work in the basement - a lot of progress has been made but still more to do!
  -- In June we cleaned the laundry room and got a new washer/dryer; got the dehumidifers going!; and cleaned up the "playroom" (really it's toy storage - no one wants to play there HA)  I cleaned off my storage shelf and got rid of lots of trash.  This is 90% done.  I would even claim it is 100% done.  There are some organizing things I'd like to do but it is actually cleaned up and not embarrassing anymore! 
7. Clean out my flower bed and plant the sunflower seeds Done
8. Read 6 books throughout the summer.  Setting the bar low! I've a lot of struggles this summer with my contacts which has made it hard to want to read but I have managed to read 2 books :-) 
9. Take year end photos of the boys Done 
10. Take School photos of the boys (End of August) This will probably happen next week - once we start school 
11. Learn a piano song for July (have to play the piano for church)Done
12. Learn my special for July (Have to sing at church) Done (but I didn't end up singing!) 
13. Make the elusive dentist appointment HA! Done - going in about 2 weeks
14. Order Halloween Costumes (yes, I do this in the summer before prices start to climb!)
15. Plan two birthdays and Christmas (I like to plan by the end of August to make it easier to accomplish everything) Nothing is 100% planned but I do have lists started and ideas in the works. 
16. Bake and Cook something new.  Specifically I'd like to try making Macarons. Those delicious little French pastries.  I also have a few great cookbooks I'd like to try a few things from as well. Never even looked up a recipe HA! 

I feel pretty good about what I accomplished this summer.  I also worked on some other things like organizing and cleaning out my jewelry, cleaning the master bedroom, setting up some routines and more.  This last week of August I'm focused on doing some final organizing before school begins, making to do lists, and planning out schedules for our school days.  Well, and just enjoying a week of no school!