Saturday, January 12, 2019

Our Week in Photos #2

I really focused on trying to get photos this week to share!  Here's our week in review!

 We started our week saying goodbye to our tree.  I love the lights but, in order to get ready for school to start, it had to go :-( 
 Both boys helped undecorate it - but Nate posed for me. 
 Almost done.  This year, I had to take it down on a day Darryl was home because our tree was BIG!  I loved it!  The last few years we've gotten trees that were shorter than me so I could drag them out. Not this year!  It took two of us.  I'm also soooo thankful I bought a tree bag - what a huge mess saver!  
 Josh asked me if I thought he could squeeze in here . . .I said no.  He proved me wrong. 
 Finally back to AWANA.  We missed some weeks due to having one car and then it was Christmas break.  
 The cats favorite place - laying on anybody.  He really loves Josh. 
 Nate's favorite place - under his blanket on the couch HA! 
 What's this?  On Thursday my great nephew and niece came to spend the day with us.  It's easy to forget how many toys a toddler can get out in one day!  They were great fun though and we always enjoy having them spend the day with us. 
We had a full week of school as we try to wrap up the semester.  Josh had to take his MAP tests this week. These are tests the boys take 3 times a year.  Neither one loves them and I don't really either but it is one of those requirements so we just do it.  

So, that's our week!