Tuesday, April 16, 2019

What I'm Watching

I haven't been reading a lot lately (I need to get back into that groove!) so I thought I'd share what I'm enjoying on TV.

 Yes, I still enjoy The Pioneer Woman.  Her shows are always enjoyable and her food is good too.  It's on my Bucket List to stay at her Hotel and visit her little town.  
 I don't watch a lot of primetime shows but this is one that I watched when it first came out and it sucked me in.  Nope, it's not for everyone but so are it hasn't made me NOT want to watch it.  (There was another show I started out watching but it slowly turned me off to it with it's story lines that just went to far) 
 Guys Grocery Games is always fun - partly just because of Guy.  I also enjoy watching his show "Diners, Drive-in's and Dives" 
 Yep, still a Property Brothers fan :-)  I'll watch any of their shows - I really like the ones they do when they compete against each other each redoing a house. 
 I love this show.  It got pulled off the air a few weeks ago because one of its stars was arrested in a college tuition scam and was fired by Halmark.  BUT it's coming back May 5th and I can't wait! 
 Thanks to the Christmas Movies, I've learned to love the Halmark Movie Channel.  It's one of my favorites.  I love it that all the movies are "wholesome" so I can watch them with my boys.  

Darryl and I used to watch Survivor every season but then we got tired of it.  I love to have stuff on my DVR to watch when nothing else is on at night and everyone else is asleep.  One thing I love about watching this on DVR is that I can watch the first 25 minutes and see the challenges.  Then I fast forward to the end and watch to see who gets voted off and miss all the bickering back and forth in the middle! 
And I'm so excited because The Amazing Race is coming back THIS WEEK!  Darryl and I have watched every season - we love to watch them travel the world!  I cannot wait to start watching this show! 

Most of what I watch is on the DVR.  I love all of the season baking shows/contests, Kids baking contests, and Worst Cook shows too.