Wednesday, January 15, 2014

What I'm Reading

The main reason I'm doing this post on Wednesdays is to coincide with the Book Study over at The Living Women Well Blog.  I plan on sharing what I learned through that book study over the past week but also give an update on any other books I'm reading off of the Book List.

Women Living Well - Chapter 1
This first chapter deals with the basic concept of getting back into the word.  I've always been a strong starter when it comes to daily devotions and prayer but then life gets in the way.  One of the questions asked in the study was what is your biggest obstacle to getting into the word and, mine, quite honestly, is laziness.  I hate getting out of bed in the morning so I don't get up 15 minutes earlier; then I say I will do my "quiet time" (is there really quite time in a house with kids?) while I eat breakfast . . .but I tend to want to play on the computer instead.  I'm working on that!  Two things I've committed to do this week is to 1)Display my weekly memory verse in the kitchen since I spend 3/4's of my life in there anyway and 2)Put my prayer list in the shower - I have 15 minutes every morning where I can pray. . .without interruption!  I'm looking forward to reading chapters 2 and 3 throughout the rest of this week.

This book is a little different then I expected just because it is actually a blog that was printed into a book.  The first chapter was on food.  The author took a challenge to eat only 7 foods for one month.  While I respect the fact that she only ate those 7 foods throughout the entire month (which meant no seasonings except Salt and Pepper and only water to drink) it is not something I feel  any need to do.  Maybe if I was single or if it was just Darryl and I . .. no, not even then ;-)  Instead, I did feel challenge to give up something for a certain time frame.  I'm going to give it more thought and decide if that is something I really feel like doing.

Chapter 2 focused on clothes.  The author picked out 7 items and wore them for an entire month.  Ok, I'm not doing that HA!  In reality, my little family doesn't have tons of clothes.  I personally have very few but what I'm still hanging on to is lots of shoes so I plan on cleaning those out and just keeping what I wear.

Chapter 3 is one I really like because it focuses on our THINGS!  This is where "simplify" comes into play.  She, at first, challenged herself to get rid of 7 things a day but after her clothing experiment in Chapter 2, she cleaned out her closet on the first day and cleaned out over 200 things.  So, instead she focused on what she could clean out each week.  This is really a Flylady technique - she does the 27 Fling Boogie at least once a week - where you have pick up 27 things and either trash them, donate them, or put them in their rightful home.

"The Power of a Positive Mom"
I've reread the first chapter (since I've read it before) but didn't get any further than that this week.