Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Too Cute Not To Toot!

Check out these great ideas I found out in blog land this week :-)  So much cute stuff . . .where do people find the time!

This is a really great game idea for the fall from A Little Tipsy.  It is super simple idea that could be played inside or outside.
The Diary of Dave's Wife shares this great printable for Halloween - right now it is free but get it while it's hot because it will move to her Etsy Shop eventually!
Last year I found lots of wreath ideas and, eventually I hope to have a wreath (or two) for each month so when I saw this one - I loved it.  It is easy and inexpensive - check it out over at Alderberry Hill.
This idea from Holiday Snobs is super cute.  It wouldn't really work with the way my house/porch is set-up now but someday, maybe I can use it!
I love this idea for my dining room - yes, I have a ceiling fan over my dining room table but we need it otherwise, in the summer, we could not sit in that room.  BUT I hate the light fixture - this would make it so much better :-)  Check out the simple idea over at A Turtles Life for Me.
How about some food ideas?  Don't these Candy Corn Cheesecake Mousse's (Mice, Mouse? how do you say that?) from Glorious Treats look yummy!
I really love this pennant idea from A Step in the Journey not only because I like the "Fall" idea but because she gives a super simple tutorial on how to make the banner that you could use for any holiday or special occastion!

Check out these cute (and easy) Candy Corn blocks that you can make !  Sassy Sites makes it look so fun too!

I saw this idea for a desk over at Ana White Homemaker and thought it was perfect.  One of my boys has a very small room and, as he grows, I've thought already about how to make the best use of the space.  This desk would be a perfect solution :-)  The plans for building the desk are included in the post :-)

That's it for this week :-)  Hope you got a little inspired!