Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The "To Do" Index File System

Throughout the past year, I've tried out a few different types of organizers in order to find one that works for me.  Lets back track just a little.  Since college, I was a "Franklin-Covey" girl. My dad got me started with that system and I loved it.  I would get giddy walking into the store each November to buy my new filler for my binder and loved filling it all out.  It fit my lifestyle all the way through my last year of teaching.  I continued to use it when I worked at the bank but over that 7 years I found I really didn't "use" it,yet I just couldn't let it go.  I was paying a lot of money for blank pages.  Things really changed when I made the switch to staying home.  My planner sat on my desk and got dusty.  I found I needed a small pocket calender in my purse so I didn't need to carry a planner around in my hands.  It was at that point I started experimenting.  First, I jumped onto the Erin Condren bandwagon and purchased one of her great Life Planners.  The planner is awesome!  I love it and want one but . . I don't need one.  :-(  Again, lots of blank pages and, honestly, it was a pain to carry.  It didn't fit into my purse and I don't have enough hands to carry a purse, planner, diaper bag, and hold onto two boys hands.  So, in June I created a Planner System that I found over at The Oxford Place Diaries.  Again, I really loved the File Folder system.  My problem was the lack of space on my desk.  It was so crowded, I never could really use the system well. With that in mind, I realized I need to go smaller . . .

So, last October, I created my own system which I know has been  used by others but it came to my brain on its own so . .. I created it for me HA!

I picked up a 3x5 index card file, some index cards and some post-it label tabs.  (Do you have any idea how hard it is to find these little 3x5 index card files nowadays??)
Each tab represents a month.  Behind each tab, I label an index card for each day of the month (Friday, February 1st, Saturday February 2nd . .ect)
Each day, I write out my to do list on the card.  I also list any appointments at the top of the card so I remember what needs to be done. I can then easily leave this on my desk and mark things off as I complete the task.  This system has worked perfectly for me for over 3 months.

I'm also using this as a future tickler file.  I will save the previous years cards to review each month to see what I need to remember for the current year.  Everything from when the kids went to the doctor to when we went away for a special treat.  I also love that it only takes up a square on my desk and helps keep all of those big papers off of my desk (no more desk clutter!)  I carry a small pocket calender in my purse for my "planner" and that is more than enough.

My boys also love this little file so I bought them each one for their stocking so they have their own little papers to use instead of pulling out mine :-)