Sunday, May 5, 2013

A Very Random Sunday Post

1. A week ago we put the last of the play scape together that we got from my brother last May.  We had chosen not to put the swing set side up last summer because I didn't want to have to push kids on swings all summer :-)  BUT this year they are loving it.  The boys have learned to swing on their stomachs and Josh has already learned how to "pump" his legs to make himself go higher on the swing without any help.

2. On Saturday our church hosted a Ladies Tea.  It turned out very nice and the food was great, if I say so myself ;-)  A friend and I did all of the food . .. I need to make notes on my "Famous" Chicken salad so I can remember how much I REALLY needed for a group of 25 (Instead of having SOOOO Much left over HA!)

3. We finished our first full week of babysitting on Friday for two kids and my house still shows the effects of that and cooking for the tea.  I know I like Sunday's to be "days of rest" but today will be a "day of recovery" to get my house ready for another week.

4. I'm ready for our vacation.  It is still two months away.  That seems like a very long time.

5. As much as I am enjoying flip flops, kids without coats and boots, and the ease of summer time living, I'm not looking forward to the HEAT.  We've already had a few humid days in the 80's and it made me a little anxious about what is to come.  Yuck.  Should I mention that I wear Flip Flops almost all year - unless there isn't a path shoveled. . .I wear them HA!

That's all for today.