Saturday, June 30, 2018

Our Week in Photos #44

This week followed our summer plan pretty closely.  I'll post a few photos here but there will be more in the post tomorrow.

 Fun at the park - Monday was a perfect park day - not too hot with a great breeze.  
 The cat . .and Josh's toes :-)  

 Running camp - hosted by the local Cross Country Team.  It was a fabulous experience for the boys.  Josh had a goal of running two miles by day three and he did it.  Nate ran 1 1/4 mile which was more than his goal of 1 mile!  

 The library activity this week was the hula hooper.  She was great.  The boys also earned a homemade cookie from the local bakery for reading all week. 

The last day of running camp brought lots of fun games!!

We also did a lot of swimming this week as the weather really warmed up and the boys did some Lightning Bug catching too!