Tuesday, November 16, 2010

30 days of Thanksgiving

November 16, 2010
Today I am thankful for milestones and music :-)  Naturally I am very thankful for my two boys but tonight we had a milestone and fun with music.  Nate took his first few steps tonight.  We have been working with him for a week or so and he has been standing on his own but no steps.  Tonight, he took four little steps from me to Darryl :-)  Josh loves music and tonight Darryl, Josh and I all played together.  Darryl and I had little tamberines and Josh sat at his little piano, clapping and tapping his foot to the beat.  It was so adorable!!!  Needless to say, we had a great night :-) 

Too Cute Not to "Toot"

I really have a lot of fun searching out blogs for more great craft ideas.  Man, I wish I could make every one that I posted but right now, I just don't have time! Instead I'm saving many of these to make "someday" - if you find time to make any of these, I'd love to see them!  Today, there will be Thanksgiving Ideas, Christmas Ideas, Teaching Ideas and just Ideas!

Over at The Speckled Dog is a great idea for a colorful Christmas wreath! 
She also made a Halloween wreath - you can get to both of them by clicking here

I really love these Cereal Box Turkeys from My Plum Pudding.  I may have to add this art idea to my Thanksgiving Lesson plans!

Make and Takes give instructions from a great game of "Turkey Bowling".  I wonder if we can drink enough 2 liter soda to make this before Thanksgiving LOL  This would be fun for the kids . . .and the big kids to play

Crafts for All Seasons gives a wonderful tutorial for a Thankful Turkey.  This is one of those ideas I plan on implementing next year as my boys will be a little older and will understand Thankfulness a little more.  It is really a great idea for kids!

Go to Free Printable Fun to get this awesome folder game to use with your Thanksgiving unit.

This is a really cute menu board from While He Was Napping.  I love that it is magnetic.  I think when I finally get to "redoing" my kitchen, I'll incorporate this idea.
Here's a great gift idea for kids who love to color.  Check out B is for Boy to see her version and she also gives the link to the full tutorial as well.

This idea for a countdown I really like - I love the brown bag idea because I know that Josh would love to open each bag and find something small. 
It includes a free download - check it out here!
Since we are talking about countdown calendars, I may even purchase this download to combine with the above post.
Check it out here

That is it for this week.  There are just tons of ideas out there. I just pick a few that strike my fancy and who knows, maybe I'll actually get time to make something soon!