Saturday, February 9, 2019

Our Week in Photos #6

We've had another week of no school due to our friends having no school.  I'm really ready to get back into our routine.  It's different in the summer when we are all here - we can go to a pool, a park, or hang out with friends.  This week we were stuck at home a lot.  It was icy and cold!  The kids were all great though and actually got along pretty well.  So, here's our week!

 We started out our week with the Superbowl :-)  

 On Monday we celebrated our friend's birthday.  She was very excited :-) 

 This was our view on Wednesday - Ice, Ice baby.  There was a whole lot of ice for sure!!  

 On Thursday, trees and power lines started falling.  This was our neighbors tree - thankfully it fell in their yard and not on the power line. 

 More Thursday views!  Everything was covered in a frozen mist.  We did actually get out on Thursday to a board meeting  It was great getting to hang out with our friends. 
 Friday we were all home again - Friday School was cancelled too.  This is how we spent a lot of time - snacking, watching TV/Movies, and playing video games.  

The view on Friday included white out conditions and about 2 more inches of snow.  There were many times that we couldn't even see across the road.  It was crazy.