Sunday, March 4, 2012

March Goals

I wanted to take a quick post and list my March goals.  I've lost my focus on my goals a lot earlier then I usually do (I just lose it in June and pick it back up in about October!) and I'm not sure why.  I think the biggest thing is just taking time to set weekly and daily goals to accomplish the tasks and I did not do that in February.  I mentioned in a post recently that I didn't even look at my February goals and that kinda makes it hard to accomplish them if you don't even look at them! My goal is to look at my March goals :-)

Our Mantel: I'm still working on this - I have made some decor for the table but still have a few other things to make and put up.  I can't find my wreath ring that I've had for like 2 years and have always known where it was until like a last week.  So my window wreath is not made yet - no local stores carry the rings so I have to wait until I can get to a craft store. 

Holiday Celebrations: We have an annual trip we take to a place called Metrobeach so that is our family activity for this month; I have a couple of birthday cards to mail plus one "make up" card I want to get done this month.   Finally, I really want to do the first step on my birthday board which will be get the board and paint it!

Date Night: We have a few things going on this month.  We are going out to dinner with some friends on Friday; then at the end of the month we have a wedding to attend.  The kids are going to the grandparents for a very long weekend so we'll get to go out to dinner a few times too :-)

Daily Something Special: Put together my March Binder and print the activity ideas I have to use now and in the future.  I'm struggling with coming up with a special activity to do each day - it takes so much time to plan and I'm just not getting that done.  I have a new schedule I'm trying to follow for myself but it is slow going - if i can get it to work for me, then I will have specific time to plan those activities as well as do them!!

Pinterest Goals: I've gotten failed the last few weeks at getting anything done from Pinterest.  So this time, I have 4 recipes I want to make, 3 crafty ideas, and then 3 ideas to research.  I want to make one recipe each week this month, complete 1 crafty project and 1 research project each week - giving me a week to wrap things up.

Too Cute Ideas: I have 4 ideas I want to complete - one of the ideas is specifically for an Easter gift for the boys so that will be the first one I tackle. 

Quiet Book: I still have a goal to get these made.  We are planning a small vacation in May to coincide with a wedding we are attending - I would like to have these along with a quiet bag put together to use on the car ride.  We'll see!

Celebrate me:  I'm still stuck on discipline - getting things done I want to get done and practicing the piano more!

Misc Items:  I have to get my nephew's books sold or he is going to shoot me!

House Projects: I'm still finishing up the kitchen.  We have one wall that is half done - it is our stairwell wall so my husband has to become a monkey to paint it :-)  I have some touch up painting to do with white as well as some trim painting to get done.  Then I want to decorate it and get curtains up.  Finally, I plan on getting my steps painted when the kids are gone at the end of the month!

Scrapbooking: I have another crop coming up so I'm going to list the items in order I want to get them done.  1) Complete February 2012 2) Put Jan and Feb in an album 3) Complete 2011 Digitally - this is all that is left of 2011!!  4) Finish up my "old "photos 5) Put printed pages into albums and add all the fun stuff 6) Make Nate's baby book current 7) Complete our pet album.   I will NOT get this all done - if I can get items 1-3 done, I'll be happy at this point.  Anything else will be bonus items. 

So that's it for this month.  I have lots of other little things to do too.  As a matter of fact, I now have a list called "My Brain".  I keep this list on my desk top and am always emptying my brain on to it by jotting down all of those little things I need to do that I forget.  Sometimes it is just ideas that I need to remember and sometimes it is things I need to do.  I then look through it each day and try to accomplish 2-3 things from that list. 

As always, I'm constantly trying to find creative ways to clean, organize, declutter and keep our small house from being over run.  :-)