Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Too Cute Not To Toot!

Here's this weeks great ideas!

First up is one of my favorite blogs, Oopsey Daisy.  She shares a super cute food craft that fits in with both her Insect Mommy School unit as well as the upcoming Halloween Holiday.  I'm thinking that this will have to be an activity that makes it into our "Adventure Bucket" on an upcoming week.

Next up is a cute Halloween Countdown Felt Calendar from The Crafting Chicks.  She gives a nice tutorial for this project so if you have extra felt laying around - you could easily put this together.

You may remember that I shared an ABC photo book awhiel back from Lines Across My Face.  I have started these for my boys arealdy but, she has graciously supplied all of the pictures she took for her book.  I love it because it has given me some ideas for some of the letters.  If you are looking for inspiration or just want to print them to make a quick book feel free :-)
I just love these felt leaves from Rosy- Posy.  They would be great in a sensory bin or to be used for counting.  For older kids, they make a great craft idea too.
To go along with the leaves, you can also make felt pinecones.  There is a pretty easy to follow tutorial over at Salt Tree.

Lines Across My Face also shares a really cute photo idea using glass bottles.  To me, this would be the perfect way to keep your family close in the kitchen - the bottles would look great on a window above the sink.
My Mother-in-Law and I are throwing a Bridal Shower Brunch for my niece in a few weeks and we've decided to do a fall theme (ironic isn't it HA!) .  These pumpkin candles from A Pumpkin and a Princess will be a perfect addition to our decorations.

Yes, I Pinterest.  Sadly. HA!  I have found some cute ideas though and that is how I ended up at a site where I found this cute idea in a linky party.  It is a birthday countdown chart from Come Together Kids.

Ok, this made me giggle.  I guess because I have boys and they would think this is awesome.  I love this googly eye wreath from A Pretty Liffe in the Suburbs.  Plus, it looks super easy!
This next idea is 100% for me.  We are on the front end of potty training and by that I mean, we aren't having much luck.  Well, I came across this great idea (and a fantastic post) over at The Scrap Shop and I think it is exactly what we need.  We already have the Potty Treat Jar but I love the idea that she gives 1 sticker if he sits on the potty - it gives some encouragment that I think we need over here :-)  I will be getting this all prepared this week and we'll see how it works!!
In our house, we have a large patio door that is our main entrance to our home.  When I saw this idea I thought it would be a fun project to do with the kids plus it would look so great on the window.  Check out the full idea over at Frugal Family Fun Blog.
From the same Blog is a cute idea (and easy . .. not messy) for making Fall Sun Catchers for the window. 

This summer I saw several ideas for "Summer Checklists" and really liked the idea.  Today I came across this idea for a Fall checklist over at Come Together Kids and wanted to share it also.  What a great idea; no excuse not to get out as a family and get some things accomplished together!

Are these plaques the cutest things?  I was looking at the Pottery Barn versions and knew I couldn't buy them but now, I can make them thanks to While He was Napping