Friday, March 23, 2018

Weekly Menu

My grocery shopping routine is so off-balance right now I don't even know when I will go next!!  Bowling on Thursday nights has been awesome but that was usually the night I went Grocery shopping so I've been stretching it out, having Darryl and the boys go and pick stuff up while I'm at choir practice or just making quick stops.  So I have a little plan but not much for the next week

Friday - Frozen Lasagna, roasted zucchini and garlic bread.  Easy Peasy.

Saturday - Left over Tacos.  Yep.  I made plenty on Thursday on purpose - so we could eat the leftovers on the weekend.

Sunday - There is a banquet after church so we will eat our main meal there.  For dinner we will have scrabbled eggs, toast, and sausage patties.

So the truth is, since I don't plan to actually go to the grocery store until Sunday late in the day, I'm not sure what I'm cooking the rest of the week.  I want to wait until the shopper comes out Sunday morning so I can base my shopping on the best sales :-)  So for now, it's a suprirse! 

Monday - 

Tuesday -

Wednesday - AWANA Night :-)

Thursday -