Monday, August 24, 2015

Make It Monday - Creativity

Periodically, when I dump photos from my camera I'm surprised by what my future photographer, Josh, captures through the lens.  He has always loved taking pictures and has gotten impressively better through the years.  Occasionally, with my permission and direction, he is allowed to use my camera.  I thought I would show some things that he and Nate have created and have been caught on camera.

 This little train the boys got several years ago and it is seldom assembled but on this occasion Josh and Nate got it all put together correctly; Josh took a photo so they could remember how to do it next time.
 Towers.  The blocks are well loved but we have so few of them and those towers get knocked down often.  Josh took a photo to remember what was built.

 I must say, their building is very good and they have asked for more blocks. 
Finally, they boys are into this "thing" of cutting their lego boxes into teeny tiny pieces.  I don't get it but they will sit for hours doing this "thing".  Josh took pictures of all of the boxes so they could look at them in the future.  I will say, photos are MUCH easier to store than all of the misc. sizes of boxes! 

On a side note, Josh's photography interest is something we plan to encourage.  He loves taking videos as well and has asked for a small camera for his birthday.  This type of ability is something that makes a great side business in the future and is such a great talent to have and use!