Tuesday, December 15, 2015

School - It's Christmas Break . .almost

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We are pushing hard this week. 
Technically our last day of school is December 22nd. 
We want to be done December 17th.
We are going on a field trip on the 18th so we won't be doing school.
We just don't want to do school on the 21st. 
Nate's birthday is the 22nd and we don't do school on birthdays. 

we are pushing hard this week and will get all of our lessons done. 
Here's my plan:
Monday - We will do all Math lessons for both boys and all Social Studies lessons.  Josh also has journals to finish so we will write 3 journal entries. 
Tuesday - The boys have dentist appointments in the morning and the munchkin has a half day so we will be wrapping up some Christmas art projects on Tuesday.  
Wednesday - We will do all Language arts lessons. 
Thursday - We will do all Science lessons and finish up any random assignments that didn't get done earlier in the week.  
We are at the end of most units so we can just review and finish up tests.  

I'm ready for a break as much as the boys.  I'll be honest, I've kinda shut down and need to refocus over the break so we can get on top of things like site words and reading - Josh needs to do more independent reading and we want to start reading chapter books to the boys.