Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Boys Room

This was the final room in the big room switch in the house and I'm so glad it is finally done!!!  We moved the boys into what has been our room since we bought the house 10 years ago.  It is the biggest bedroom so it fits two boys perfectly.

First, a little look at what it used to look like.  Once again, my husband started moving things before I had a chance to get photos!

Now for the finished room!
 The view from the door of the bedroom. We painted it a great blue color that is in both of the boys bedding.  The curtains were actually panels my mom had and wasn't using.  Eventually I might shorten them but for now, I'm leaving them as they are until I decide.
 The view from the closet side of the room.
 The obvious door wall.  Yes, there is a TV in this room. The TV has always been in our bedroom but, since we only have a family room (not a living room or a great room or any other room) we decided that putting the TV in their room for now is the best option.  This way, if we have people over, the kids can always watch cartoons or DVD's in the boys room while the adults have conversation in the family room.  This is also nice for Football Sundays when we watch football all afternoon.  As the boys get older, we'll decide if this is the best place for the TV!  Also, the orange Hooded Towels are made by a good friend of mine - they are fantastic and the boys love them!
 The view from the beds.  The boys love to "cook" and love to "build" so this is their favorite thing in the room right now.  Notice the mirror hanging in the closet (it is round) - the boys LOVE to look at themselves in the mirror so this was a perfect addition to their room.
 The Closet!  Their names above the closet are something that we picked up a few years ago at a Craft Fair.  Everything in the closet is theirs except for the shoes in the top section of the closet.  I haven't found a good storage option in our room yet so for now, our seldom worn shoes are staying in their room.
 Now for a little more detail on the art work.  I picked up the vinyl from Simply Said Designs and am in love with it.  It went up so easy (even on paneling!) and just adds so much to the room.  I already have my next purchases picked out :-)  The Display boards are from Creative Memories (they don't carry this style anymore but they have other styles to choose from!).  I actually got one board as a shower gift for Josh and bought one for Nate.  I used to print individual photos and would attach those to the board but just this month I put together 12x12 pages prints using Storybook Creator  from Creative Memories and ordered the prints from Scrapping Simply.  I plan to make one each month and then I can put them in the scrapbook. 
 This idea originated from Pinterest.  I created this, again, in Creative Memories Storybook Creator and ordered the print from Scrapping Simply.  (A shout out to Scrapping Simply - holy cow they did a lot of work to get the print size I wanted!!)  I quietly went into the boys room one night and took photos of them sleeping - isn't that just too cute!
 The train with Josh's name was a gift from Papa and Nana.  The art piece is my own creation!!!  I took a frame that I already had and spray painted it green, first, then lightly sprayed it with dark brown to give it some depth.  Then, I covered the glass with burlap, added a dark blue ribbon and hot glued three matchbox cars onto the ribbon.  The total cost of that project was about $4.00.  Amazing.  And yes, we hung it high enough that no one can pull the cars off HA!
 I did the same thing with this piece as with the sleeping artwork.  This time I had taken photos of Nate's hand and Josh's feet and used them to create this photo.  I pray that my boys can live that verse - Micah 6:8.
 I followed the same procedure for Nate's artwork.  His name also came from Papa and Nana.
 Nate's bed is brand new.  He moved from his crib when he moved into this room.  He actually has the same headboard has Josh but with just a bedframe since his bed sits over the heat vent.  (Good thing he is my cold kid!).  His bedding came from Bed, Bath and Beyond and, it was marked 50% off when we went to get it (I was THRILLED!!)  The quilts on the end of his bed were made by Nana :-)  He has a new lamp too - I love the green touch next to the blue wall.
 Josh's bed!  He actually got his bed last year.  His bedding is from Target as is his lamp.  Yes, the quilts on the foot of the bed are made by Nana.  I need to point out that the flooring is brand new.  My husband and dad put that in and we love it.  Normally I might not put a hard floor in a bedroom but with little boys who love cars and trains and things that move, this floor is perfect.  Their car mats sit on the floor and give them a great place to play.
One last item - their new nightlight!  I made this as well.  It's just a Krafty Block filled with blue and white gemstones.  Prior to finishing up this room, the boys slept with their lamps on.  They really struggled to sleep with all of that light going on.  So, between this night light and another "cool to touch" plug in light by Josh's bed, we have conquered the "sleeping with the light on" time (hopefully).  They sleep better, and sleep later which is great for everyone!

Their bedroom is 99% done.  What's missing?  Just the floor strips between the new floor and the carpet we left in the closet (The closet organizer sits on top of it and we didn't want to have to take that out) and in the door way.  We have a bunch of that to put down throughout the house so we going to do it all at once.  The only other item on the wish list is a new light fixture but it is really a "wish" not something needed.  Oh, and some vinyl for the walls - Planes and trains for Josh's side and Dinosaurs for Nate's.