Friday, April 13, 2018

Weekly Menu

I've been really lacking motivation and the desire to plan a manu lately.  My husband is still going through dental challenges so my list of recipes is much smaller than normal which makes it less exciting to cook!  So, I recently pulled out all of the recipes I have that I can cook and am just looking at those instead of all of the other stuff I'm missing HA!

Here's the plan for the coming week.

Friday - Baked potatoes with fun toppings and Wendy's Chili (I make the potatoes and Darryl picks up the Chili! )

Saturday - Tacos!  It's easy and we all love them

Sunday - Lemon Barbecued Meatlaoves, Stuffing, Mac and Cheese and Corn

Monday - Chili and French Bread.

Tuesday - Biscuits and Gravy, Eggs, and Tator Tots

Wednesday - AWANA is almost done so it is time for one more night out!

Thursday - It's grocery shopping Day and, I hate to cook after spending hours at the store so my new favorite meal to make is . . .. French Toast Sticks, Tator Tots, and Sausage Balls (or patties if the Sausage Balls I make for breakfast are gone).  Super easy and super tasty!