Monday, April 13, 2015

Make It Monday - Legos

When we put the bunkbed in the boys room, one of my big projects was organizing their Legos in a way that was easy to keep up and, well, as inexpensive as possible.  I had done tons of research and found some fabulous ideas but so often they involved spending $$ and I really didn't feel like having to budget and wait to get them organized! 

 The very first thing that I did was sort all of the "normal" Legos by color.  This really didn't take too long and I just picked up simple $1.00 plastic shoe boxes at Walmart.  Nate actually helped me to sort these which was nice. 
 Then, I took a file box that I already had on hand and sorted all of their maps by # and put them in numerical order with a basic description on the file folder.  The boys often like to take apart projects and rebuild them so being able to find the maps are very important. 
 This part of the project I'm not totally happy with yet but I used the three drawer bin to sort out the Lego People, the teeny tiny pieces and the pieces that I knew went to specific projects.  The drawers are too full which is why I don't like it.  I need to work on sorting this out more and maybe getting a different set of drawers.  This photo was taken before I had finished sorting but now, that table, is completely cleared off and ready for Lego Building.
Finally, I needed to sort their finished and/or in process progess.  I found some great bins that are long and not too deep - perfect for all of those lose pieces while working on a project.  I then used those same shoeboxes I mentioned earlier to store their completed projects.  I would like to pick up more of those long bins because they stack very well but those run about $3.00-$4.00 a piece so I'll pick a few up at a time. 

I love that I now have a process in place so as the boys get more projects, I can plan ahead and already have bins for building.