Saturday, November 9, 2019

Our Week in Photos # 41

Here's a look back at our week!

We had a quiet weekend.  The boys had Christmas Program Practice on Saturday and we had church on Sunday.

Monday = School!  Nate had TKD in the evening :-)

Tuesday = School, Piano and then Lego Club at one of our Local Libraries.

 Nate building his creation
 The theme of this months club was to build an animal.  I even got in on the fun and made a cat :-) 
 Josh made a creature. 
 Josh and his creation. 

Nate made an "Area 51 Raid."  

Wednesday - We did school and then I took Josh into a foot doctor appointment (all is well!).  By the time I got home and dropped him off, it was time to run Nate in for a haircut.  We had just enough time to come home and eat dinner before the boys headed off to AWANA!  Busy day for sure!
Thursday -- We had the privilage of going on a field trip to "Mission India" and learning about both the culture of India as well as how Mission India reaches the Indian people with the gospel.  

Friday was our last day of Friday school for the semester which ended with our Presentation Night. 

 Josh's Lego Creation for "Lego Stem"
 Nate's Lego Creation

 Josh took an amazing art class - this is all of his Art Work! 
 Josh and Nate both took a Perler Bead class and loved it!  They made a bunch of projects. 

It was a really awesome semester and I'm so thankful for such a great bunch of people!