Friday, May 12, 2017

Weekly Menu

The official start of Summer is just a short time away.  The weather keeps playing tricks on us - this past Saturday we sat at the baseball field freezing but by Wednesday evening, it was hot hot and humid sitting at the game!

Here's the plan for the coming week.

Friday - The boys have Fit Club and I'm heading to a crop so a roast is going in the crock pot and there are Bob Evans mashed potatoes to go along with it - something easy for Darryl to do (He will also have an optoin to grab something instead since I need the leftover roast for Saturday anyway!)

Saturday - Easy French Dip sandwiches and Daddy Fries

Sunday - Mother's Day!  I acutally considered just getting KFC for dinner so there was no clean up on my part HA!  BUT the boys want me to make sure I get to have my favorites so instead Darryl's cooking steaks on the grill, I'm going to throw potatoes in the crock pot and we will have salad and rolls too.

Monday - The boys have a game so we keep things easy - Mac and Cheese and Corn dogs.

Tuesday - Ham and Cheese Pockets, crash potatoes, and salad

Wednesday - Chicken and Noodles, and Salad or veggie

Thursday - Easy Cheesy Chicken Enciladas, Rice, Beans, and Chips and Cheese.