Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Home Goals

I first came across this idea over at Ask Anna who shared that The Nester is hosting a wonderful Linky Party where we can all share our home goals.  Ironically, this is one of the things on my January goals - to make a list of 12 house projects for the year.  I love linking hope with other blogs so . . .here's my list!

12 Home Goals for 2012

1. Paint the basement stairs - my stairs have been naked for years.  We pulled up some ugly carpet about 6 years ago and I couldn't decide what I wanted to do.  Probably about 3 years ago I saw stairs in a commercial that were painted that I loved.  Then, this past year, thanks to the blogging world, I found lots of ideas of how to correctly paint stairs :-)  The plan is to paint the stairs all white, then I plan on taping them off and painting the main step a brink red.  It should be nice when it is gone! 

2. Paint my kitchen!!  Easy, peasy - I just want it done :-)

3.  Flooring Strips - we have two unfinished areas of flooring "cross overs" - between the bathroom and hallway and then between the dining room and kitchen.  I want to get the strips and finish those two areas finally.

4. Paint my kitchen counter tops - This idea is also on Ask Anna's list and I plan on doing the same thing to my counter tops as well. 

5. Finish some Dining Room Projects - there are a few little things in my dining room that need done - a phone jack that needs to be up, one piece of trim that was never attached, and then a new Thermostat is needed too. 

6. Finish some Bathroom Projects - yes, there are still a couple of things left to do in this room!!  We need to put some sealer around the shower wall - this should have been done awhile ago but, it is better late then never!  Also, we need to replace the door knob on the bathroom door. 

7. Josh's Room - he moved into a big boy bed awhile ago and I still need to finish up the decorating!

8.  Nate's Room - I'm adding this because he will be moving into a big boy bed by the end of the year so I know we'll want to complete that transition all at once!

9.  Paint the Living Room - I'll be honest, I highly doubt this one will get done ;-)  But, we will have lived here for  9 years this summer and I'm ready to change my living room!! 

10.  Front Porch - We need a new front porch so this is the year to do it!

11.  Paint the house - Again, I don't know if this will get done.  We had planned to do it last year but financially we could not do it.  We'll see what happens this summer!!

12.  I'm not going to add a 12th one - I think that I'll have a hard time finishing them up as it is!

By the way, these are not in any order - I'll tackle them as I can :-)