Monday, May 9, 2011

Fitblogger Challenge

Here we go with another week of the fit challenge over at Fitblogger.  You can check out my previous posts HERE.

So, this week, I continued on with my semi-Pepsi fast.  I only had two cans this week which is pretty good for me.  The longer I go without it, the less I crave it, which is always a good thing.  With that said, when I REALLY want one, I drink it that way I don't think about it for awhile.

I walked on the treadmill 4 days out of 5.  Ran into one hiccup this week and that was shower wasn't working and I couldn't get it working; I had to wait for my husband to get home Thursday to fix it.  Yes, I could still take baths but trying to squeeze those in also in the morning forced me to push my walk to the evening.  I did fine on Thursday evening but Friday, my husband ended up getting home later than I anticipated so it just did not work!  I learned one important lesson, as much as I detest mornings AND walking in the morning, it really is the best time in our schedule for me to walk right now.  Eventually when I won't have little fingers wanted to play with the moving belt, I will be able to move it to a better time in the day for me.

Finally, snacking.  Lets just say I snacked LOL  Had zero success this week with this one!!! 

So this week, I'm sticking with my same three goals as last week since I did not succeed with #3.

1) Continue the semi-pepsi fast.
2) Walk on the treadmill - my goal is to get all 5 days in this week.
3) Snacking - one thing I have realized is that I enjoy my evening snack.  So, I've found a weight watchers recipe for frozen yogurt sandwhiches using ginger snaps that I"m going to make this week.  My goal will be limit my snacking to healthy, planned snacks and not just eat a bunch of "whatever".  Also, during the day, I need to snack on things like . . fruit, veggies . . and I think I might pick up some of the caramal flavored rice cakes - I really like those and thye are pretty much nothing when it comes to caleries.  So really, my goal this week is to be more prepared with snacks I can eat and not feel quilty about. 

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