Monday, November 8, 2010

30 Day Blog Challnege - Day 29

Day 29 - Wishes

This is another one of those that I've thought about the whole 30 days and still am not sure what to write.  I'm a realist so wishes aren't something I really have.  Sure, I say "I wish that person would drive faster . .. ", or "I wish I was independently wealthy" but I'm not sure that is what this is supposed to be!  So . . I think instead, maybe you should check out Katie's Journey (Just click on her button on the side of my page) and see what OTHERS are wishing.  I think that is what I'll do and maybe, just maybe I'll get inspired to wish some more!

Happy wishing :-)

30 Days of Thankfulness

November 8, 2010
Today I am thankful for family days :-)  We don't get many of them but today we got to enjoy our family.  We laughed a lot, played a lot, and even got some work done!  Than we had some family pictures taken by a friend and I can't wait to see them!  Every once in awhile, we just have to take time out for us - and yes, I do schedule those days at the very least, once a month otherwise, we get too busy :-)

My boys!! :-)
Josh got creative today.  He moved his little chair up on the couch and sat in it so he could watch out the window :-)

Darryl giving Nate a bottle - he doesn't get to do this very often!
And yes, I'm thankful we were able to stay in our PJ's until early afternoon when we had to get ready for pictures!!

Photo Holders

One of the neat crafts that I made to use at Josh's 2nd birthday party were the star photo holders.  I will be using them at Nate's upcoming birthday as well AND plan to use them in future years.  I'm sorry to say I didn't get pictures of all of the steps because I forgot but the process is pretty simple.

1.  The Star Cutouts - I purchased the stars at Micheal's for just a dollar or so a piece.  They were plain wood.  I picked up the really cheap spray paint at Walmart (Blue, White, Black, and Red) and sprayed each of the stars a different color.  Once dry, I used glitter glue to outline the center star (this is a raised panel on the wooden star so it was easy to do!)
2. The base - I searched through my husband's wood scrap bin and found a board that I then cut down into small rectangles to use as a base.  I also sprayed those the same color as the stars.  Once dry, I used lots of Hot Glue, to secure the star to the wood.  (Eventually, I will probably need to use Gorilla Glue to make them extra secure but our Gorilla Glue was dried out!)
3. The Clips - I chose to use clothespins because it was quick, cheap and easy!  I just hot glued one to the three points of the star.  You could also drill small holes in each point and use a heavy duty wire to make a holder too. 

Than, to finish it off - I went through my photos and found one picture from each month (for a total of 12) showing Josh.  It was a great way to see how much he had changed!

If you want a more detailed tutorial with pictures, check out Oopsey-daisy.  I got this idea from her blog - she used wire for the holders instead of the clothes pins in case you want to see that. 

Happy Crafting :-)