Saturday, January 20, 2018

Our Week in Photos #28

We had a pretty boring week.

 Josh got the "Cat Grass" planter for his birthday.  A few weeks ago, he planted the seeds and the grass grew (FAST!).  The cat is slowly showing in interest . .. very slowly HA! 
Harley is the king of the castle. 

On Monday, we all had the day off so we headed out to dinner at a Chinese Buffet and then went to see Paddington 2.  We love Paddington and this movie didn't disappoint :-) 

The rest of our week focused on wrapping up the last few things for school and prepping for Friday School.  

Then, the stomach flu hit on Thursday night (Nope no pictures HA!) so we missed the first day of Friday school AND had to rescheduled a long planned trip for the boys to go to Nana's.  They will (hopefully) head their next weekend!  

So, yep, that's our week!