Monday, April 1, 2013

March Preschool

We had a very busy, very active  week and, I will admit right now that the kids totally outsmarted me on my new binder idea.  In the end it worked out because they did most of their work pages even though we didn't have preschool every day. 

On Monday we actually had a full lesson and it was fun!
 We started our lesson by looking through a scrapbook album the boys found.  It was an album I had recently finished of our animals so we turned it into a counting and color adventure. 
 Yes, they are both sitting on the table - it is fun, what can I say?   We then worked on our Rising Rock Stars lesson from 1+1+1=1.  This week we were working on the letter "C" and our verse was "Children Obey Your Parents" (Trust me, we reviewed that verse a LOT  HA!)

 We also worked through a few of the Resurrection Eggs.  I will admit, I should have remembered that I bought these and had them downstairs well over a week ago but I didn't.  I will be adding notes to my Easter plans for next year so I that I DO remember because the boys really enjoyed them.
 I found two awesome preschool books at Micheal's last week and have started incorporating some of the pages into our daily lessons.  Nate was busy working on some counting in this picture.
Josh is really getting great at cutting AND cutting on the lines.  This is hard for the little perfectionist.

Now, we got to the end of Monday's lesson but . . the boys turned the blank page in their binder and saw Tuesday's lesson so they just kept going. (I heard, "Mom, just one more page, just one more!!")  My error - next time I will only put one day at a time in the binder.

On Tuesday, we took a field trip with our Homeschool Group to see the butterflies at a local Garden/Sculpture park. 

 Lets keep it real.  The place was packed.  Josh doesn't like busy, new, loud, spaces so Darryl got dragged through the Butterfly section while I let Nate wonder through and see everything he wanted to see.  We lasted about 30 minutes with the butterflies and then Josh dragged us outside.  I think he needed the wide open space to clear his senses :-)

The boys ran and ran and ran outside around the sculptures before we managed to get a few photos.  It was a fun day, really, especially since we ended with lunch at our favorite Mexican Place  - The Beltline Bar :-)

Wednesday both boys had Dentist appointments so that took up our morning. They both got perfect reports - no cavities and they both were perfect in the chair.  We have a fabulous dentist which helps a lot!
The boys got out the dot-to-dot paints, though, and we made Easter pictures - can you see the cross?? 
Oh, and we made our first trip to Dairy Queen for the season.  YUM!  It was so cute -when we got there I asked Josh what he wanted, he told me a Hot Dog.  That was it.  Well, he knows his mind so I figured, if needed, I would get him a small fry after the fact.  Well, as he finished his hot dog he said, "Mom, now I want my ice cream, that is why I only wanted a hot dog" hahahaha   He remembered that he gets a small cone with his meal and did NOT want to fill up on the real food :-)

On Thursday, we went to the church so I could practice a song before heading to the grocery store and going out to lunch.  Needless to say, that was our day HA!  But, the boys asked for their binders so they could work on more pages.
One of the sections we were working on were these great "Just Color" pages from 1+1+1=1.  They boys loved coloring all of the different pictures related to Easter.

Friday was a beautiful day.  The boys played outside ALL afternoon.
They got the gator out and decided to take a trip to the "park" so they managed to load that gator up with just about every toy - even holding things on their lap.  You can't see it in the photo but they even built a "campfire" out of old sunflower stems.  Imagination is the best teacher, is it not?  I have to say, I am so thankful that my brother and sister-in-law gave us this gator AND that my dad did a lot of work to get it running perfectly.  My nephews played with it when they were younger but outgrew it.  It is such a wonderful gift and my boys LOVE it. 

We really had a great week.  I'm reminded that "preschool" isn't just work book pages and lesson plans but learning how to live every day life, getting to experience new things, and yes, just getting to play.