Saturday, September 2, 2017

Our Week in Photos #11

We had a quiet start to our week with swimming on Saturday and then this pretty much sums up our Sunday:

After church, we came home and all kind of crashed.  Darryl was working, the cat took his chair, Nate put on his favorite PJ's (because that is what guys do on the weekend - hang out in long pants and comfy shirts HA!), and Josh set up a bed on the couch to relax in.  I read, watched football and may or may not have snoozed a little.

Monday we were able to enjoy another campfire at Nana's with S'mores and lots of laughs.
 These crazy kids.  They were running down the hill with their arms tucked in their shirts, trying not to fall. 
Darryl and Nate in a deep discussion while lighting the fire (most likely Nate asking questions about the fire!) 

Wednesday brought fresh haircuts and some photos! 
 Josh with his fresh haircut. 

 Yes, his hair is blue - the hairdresser always loves 'playing' with their hair and adding colors! 

 Brothers and best friends
 Nate's fresh haircut (he did not want any color in his hair this time!) 

Friday no one had school so I had planned to take all of the kids to the pool but . . .a cool and windy day changed our plans.  Instead we headed to the park.
 Well, lets keep it real.  I went to read my book and enjoy my favorite coffee sitting at the picnic table in the park. 

 Josh and Nate have both conquered the art of swinging.  Which is great because I highly dislike pushing anyone on a swing! 
 And then we went to the wilds of Africa and chased a Lion.  (Isn't that what it looks like?)  
 This cat became the center of attention.  Unlike most children, these four watched in amazement as . .. it rolled in the grass. HA!  They finally ran over and asked if they could touch it.  (Who asks to touch a cat?? LOL) 
 The cat loved them and Josh and Nate were thrilled that the cat loved them. 
Then they all sat down and gave the cat more attention then it could have ever imagined.  It loved them.  

We actually ended our night with swimming.  Nana checked out the pool and it was warm (for real!) so the boys and I met her at the pool and spent a good hour swimming.