Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Song of the Week - "He Is" by Mark Schultz

The song I have chosen this week is "He Is" by Mark Schultz.  The first time I heard this song I just couldn't get it out of my head; now everytime I hear it, I crank the radio and recently picked up the soundtrack so I can work on it for a special.  I love the simple truth of "He is", "He was" , and "He always will be" - no matter what!!!  Not to mention that Mark Schultz is such an awesome singer and songwriter!  This song was not availabe through my player for now so I added it as a Youtube video.  When you go to play it, make sure and pause my regular player so you don't get dueling songs! (The players are at the very bottom of this blog so just keep scrolling!!!)

31 in 31

Recently I saw this idea posted on a blog that I follow (Living our Love Song) This blog is written by a woman who has faced a great trial recently and I have enjoyed reading blog - she is very honest and open about her life and the hurt they have felt but also shares the joy she is finding.  I was encouraged by her to incorporate this into my blog so here goes!  (Check on my list of blogs I follow to link up to her blog!)

The idea is to take 31 pictures over the course of the next 31 days and post them.  Now, I would LOVE to be a great photographer (it's on my list of 40 things to do before I'm 40!!) but currently I am limited by my lack of talent and my regular camera but that isn't going to stop me!  I am starting this challenge today - to look for that one picture each day that represents me; or stands out; or makes me think.  I want to LOOK for it , not just take it. When I am done, I'm going to take those 31 pictures and put them into a photo book . . I'm thinking about writing a story (now there's a challenge) so it can become one of the books my kids read too.  We'll see if that happens since I'm only so creataive!  But I also started thinking about other times this idea would be great:
1) The birth of a new baby - take one picture for the first 31 days of the new life and put them into a photo book to share
2) Graduation - take pictures the last 31 days before your child graduations (or YOU graduate) and place them into a photobook.  What a great way to remember all of the excitment from those last 31 days. OR your childs first 31 days of K-5???
3) Birthdays - either the 31 days before the birthday - ending with that shot with the cake or start with the birhtday and the first 31 days of the new "year".  I think this would be great for milestones - if you are turning 40 - take pictures of your last 31 days in your 30's. 
4) What about Christmas?  I decorate my whole house for Christmas over the course of November - so maybe the 31 days of decorating to show the transformatoin from "regular" to "holiday" - what a great coffee table book for the holiday??
5) Just the every day - aren't there always times we  wish we had taken more pictures - so start today and for the next 31 days, pick out that one shot, and create a memory of the next month. 

If you chose to take this challenge - make sure and post a comment so I can follow your 31 days too!!

So here is day one - August 11, 2010 - This picture is of my dog, China; my very scared dog who has no where to hide except behind this chair now that we keep more doors closed.  There was a HUGE storm this morning and she was just a shaking like crazy - this  picture just makes me feel so bad for her :-(