Thursday, March 14, 2019

Origami Week 6

We are down to our last few weeks of Origami class!  This past week we made this fun project:

I found this idea over at Make and Takes and just thought it looked super fun.  Now, the reality.  I did make one at home and couldn't get it to just "snap together".  Mine kept flipping out so I used some small pieces of tape to hold it together.  I used regular Origami paper which is super thin.  It came out pretty decent.  I gave my class the option to pick some thin scrapbook paper but it wasn't as thin as Origami paper.  That made this starburst more difficult to fold and put together.  They ended up looking a little like Statue of Liberty Crowns.  Plus, the students didn't fold perfectly so their points were not, well, on point.  In end this did not turn out to be my favorite project but it did take the entire hour!